Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Letter to Myself

Have you ever written a letter to yourself, tucked it away, and then read it later? It is a humbling, challenging exercise.

As I prepare for RA Training, I am delving deep into the abyss of RA notes, training schedules, and manuals from when I was a student. Today, I came across my Walkabout Journal and a letter I wrote to myself 3 years ago. I am moved by the words I wrote to myself in August 2005. Even though it was written for my upcoming adventure as the AAC my senior year, it is still applicable today:

Oh Elizabeth. :)
You have come a long way since you came to GFU as a freshman. You've experienced doubts, tragedy, hardship, heartache... and also joy, laughter, fellowship, community and love. Don't lose sight of the things God has done in your life. Each experience has shaped you into who you are today. Recall the ways God has shown His faithfulness to you and smile as you think of how perfect His timing is.

This year is different than last. Your staff, AACs, and residents have all come together for completely different reasons. Try not to compare this year with last, but be intentional about connecting with those who made last year so special for you.

You are approaching graduation which means some big decisions need to be made. Spend time praying for direction and peace.

If you are in a relationship (and even if you are not), continue to make God your first priority and trust He has incredible plans for your future.
The RAs come back to campus in 3 weeks! I am finalizing speakers for each session and trying to make sense of a system that I've never been through as "the boss" without having a boss to guide me through it. Yikes.

I'm excited, though!

Instead of a 24 hour solo, we'll spend an afternoon in silence.
Instead of backpacking 6 days, we're camping for 4.
Instead of summiting a mountain, we'll go for a day hike.

Maybe someday I'll implement the full-blown Walkabout experience. For now, though, it's just me and 7 RAs and it's all I can do!

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Audrey said...

And you will rock! What an adventure you are on, my dear friend. Your letter brought me back...and I liked it. :)