Monday, June 30, 2008

California meets Oregon

It was obvious they were Southern California girls.

The clippity-clop announced the arrival of 7 fancy ladies. They delicately cascaded down steep stairs to the wedding rehearsal, overlooking the lake and resort village.

4-inch high heels
Tan-ish (a little orange, even)
Heavy makeup
Long, black, fake eyelashes
Perfectly highlighted, big hair
Flawlessly manicured fingers and toes.
Dresses that showed all their curves in all the right places.

My childhood best friend, the only Oregon girl, was also a bridesmaid. She lined up at the end and it was obvious she was not a Cali girl.
Flip flops covered in Mexico dust (she came straight from 5 months of volunteer service at a health clinic and orphanage).
A simple, cute shirt and skirt combo.
Choco tan lines on her feet
Her unpierced ears couldn't wear the 'bling-bling' the bride provided. The mother of the bride panicked at the absurdity of the non-earrings.
A very natural tanned complexion, and she's a natural blonde.

I do not mean to stereotype. It's just that the California culture was much different than what I'm used to. The wealth, money, and material emphases made me feel so out of place. I did not expect to encounter culture-shock from my own country, let alone a neighboring state.

The Father of the Bride titled the weekend's events as "California meets Oregon" and it couldn't have been more appropriate.


karli said...

you know what i discovered living down here? the only people that like socal are the people from socal. hehe...

Anonymous said...

always switchin up your blog, aren't you? i like :)