Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jet Lag

I am suffering from the worst case of jet lag in my travel history.
It is 4:38am and I am still awake, for the 2nd night in a row, not to mention the 4 sleepless nights preceding my return to the USA (thanks to barking dogs, biting bugs, work-related anxiety, and daydreams of several foreign amenities).

Also, I have indulged myself with ice cream, a white mocha, and Olive Garden.
My stomach is confused why it hasn't been consuming rice 3x a day is therefore struggling to accept the phenomena of "preservatives," "dairy products," and "processed foods."

I am an insomniac with stomach pain and so happy to be home!


JaraBeara said...

melatonin. and those fancy looking eye patch sleepy things. i love those two items. you can get the melatonin at any vitamin supplement section of a store. it helps with jetlag. a lot.

amywolff said...

Welcome home, El! I LOVE YOU DEARLY. Good luck with sleeping... I recommend watching golf.

Joel and Rachel said...

El Belle! So good to hear about your trip. Hope the sleeping goes well. I do like the idea of ice cream, coffee and bread sticks though, I would love to do that with you:) love you!