Thursday, May 17, 2007

My thoughts about tonight

It would be so much easier to stay at home tonight, to soak up the heat from all my family members as they celebrate Judi´s birthday. It´s especially cold today, and I´ll be spending an hour on the streets visiting our friends in the brothels. (5:30 West Coast Time)

I´ll be joining 2 other WMF staff members. Hopefully, we´ll be able to encourage the women with our presence and free hot chocolate, being Christ´s light in Satan´s dwelling place.

Please pray for:
  • My physical response: I don´t know how my body will respond to the ugliness inside and I don´t want to be physically shocked by any of it, especially when I see some of the women I´ve come to recognize and love at the lunches. Satan dwells inside the brothels. He loves oppression, lies, and darkness. Pray that I will have confidence in the Protector, Redeemer, & Father.
  • My eyes: That I will see the women as Jesus sees them. That I will see the men as Jesus sees them. That the images won´t haunt my thoughts or my dreams...
  • My limits: If I decide I´ve seen enough before we finish our rounds, please pray I will have the guts and humility to be honest with what I´m experiencing. Pray I´ll know when enough is enough. Pray that I won´t feel discouraged if I need to bow out early.
  • My attentiveness to the Holy Spirit: If I´m prompted to approach a woman, pray I´ll have boldness to do so, and my nervous Spanish will come out coherent. If I just need to ´be´, pray I´ll just be content to observe. Pray that I´ll pray as the Holy Spirit leads.
  • The LIGHT: Evidence of Jesus´ presence in these places, unmistakeable peace in the midst of the horrors...

I´ll share about my experience as soon as I get the chance. Thanks for interceding on my behalf.

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ryanmortinson said...

Dear God, our loving Father, please fill El with love and confidence. May her spanish be perfect on this night; fill her mouth with your words. May her eyes see what your eyes see, and may her tears be a blessing to those that watch them fall. May her feet take her where you guide, and may her hands be your hands... providing comfort and healing. May this experience grow and stretch her and not hurt her. Protect her in this dark place. Thank you, God, for her willing heart and bless her faithfulness. Thank you, God, for the grace you have given to each of us. Thank you, God, for loving these women and men. Thank you, God, for your promises of life.
I am able to pray these things because of Jesus. Amen.

Go with God, sister. :)