Monday, May 28, 2007

Cow Curiosity

I tried cow heart last week, and it wasn´t that bad.
As a result, however, I have recently become quite curious about cows, specifically relating to their stomachs...
  • Why is cow stomach considered a delicacy when each cow has 4?
  • Do people eat all 4 stomachs?
  • Why would anyone ever choose to eat cow stomach?

It´s true. A special Mother´s Day meal: cow stomach. When the announcement was made regarding what we would be eating, my B-family started salivating while my stomach started churning. While the food was being prepared, I prepared myself for the food.

Without the stomach, the plate would have been fine: 4 potatoes with a large side of lettuce, tomatoes and onion. All one one plate, covered with cow stomach and cow stomach juice. The stomach was thinly sliced, white with goose-bumps. The first bite was okay, though extremely chewy. Judi told me to be sure to chew it really well... I´m still not sure why, though I followed her advice because I didn´t want to have any cow stomach stuck in my stomach, or anywhere else, for that matter. The more I ate, the more it tasted like stomach. I tried to mix the stomach with potatoes and salad to disguise the chewiness, but it was all covered in the stomach sauce.

I helped with the dishes after the meal, and was nauseated with the lingering scent of stomach in the kitchen. It´s just not good, and no one should eat it. Whatever is in your stomach or is IN your stomach should stay where it is - always.

The ¨Missionary´s Prayer¨ has new meaning to me now:

¨Where you lead me, I will follow. What you feed me, I will swallow.¨


ryanmortinson said...

i can't remember if i told you that i ate chicken butthole (yep that's what it's really called) and i also ate pig intestine stuffed with noodles (actually, it was quite good). you are a brave soul. i'm looking up at my calendar and you are holding a pig tongue very close to your face.

grace and peace.

Violet said...

eeewwww gross El! hehehe =)