Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Funny Food

Carrots in my taco?
Originally uploaded by Elizabeth in Bolivia.
I had high hopes for the food in the restaurant. While it tasted pretty good, there was always something a little bit ¨off¨ about the whole dish.

I ordered: Tacos with guacamole and tomatoes.
I received: Tacos without tomatoes, but with lots of carrots inside.

I ordered: Trout with garlic sauce.
I received: Trout with a strange alfredo sauce.

I ordered: Nachos
I received: A plate of Doritos with melted cheese.

I ordered: Beef Burrito
I received: A burritto with huge chunks of ¨Choclo¨ (corn) inside.

I ordered: Hawaiian Pizza
I received: Pizza with florescent pink cherries

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