Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pastor Appreciation

I am so touched by my new church family at Calvary Community. October was Pastor Appreciation Month and Paul received so many notes with these kind words:
  • Paul & Elizabeth: You are in this together now!
  • The youth group flourishes under your direction. We praise God for your love of Him and for your service to our youth.
  • What a blessing you are to us. It means so much to me that you asked me to be your prayer warrior. What an asset you are to our church. I'm so happy God sent you your lovely wife and parter, Elizabeth. What a team.
  • Thank you for all the hours and dedication you give and we never see. What we do see is the outcome. Blessings because of you...
  • I have never been in the youth group but can see how the young people love you - and how you love them. I'm impressed when hearing all the special events and trips that you have planned and done. God bless you both with his finest rewards.
  • Thanks Paul' the fruits that are in this church are the sweet rewards of the seeds you have sowed. The youth group has grown under your leadership. Good job!
  • We appreciate your service to our church family. Your message is very touching when you speak. We pray for many more years of ministry to touch many young people!
  • We feel so blessed to have you as our Youth Pastor. Your energy and dedication is having a tremendous impact. God knows your talents and He has placed you where you are needed the most.
  • The youth are the foundation for the growth of the congregation. We see how you and your dedication are "putting the blocks all in the right places."
  • You are amazing with the youth! A blessing from the Lord to this church family! May the Lord continue to bless you and your new wife!
  • God is doing a great work in you.
  • We feel the work you do with the church young people is outstanding. Thank you for all your efforts and hours put in.
I couldn't help but sniffle and wipe away tears today as I sat next to Paul while he read his cards. I wrapped my arms around Paul and said a silent prayer of thanks for my husband. "Lord, you have blessed me with a tremendous Man of God. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

Yes, those are cashews in his nostrils. Can you tell he's a youth pastor?

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Mattanda said...

So touching and true! Also, you can definitely tell we married brothers by that picture of Paul :)