Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm back! And leaving again...

I had wonderful intentions of finally getting caught up on blog entries this morning, and then the morning got away from me.

I watered the plants, got things ready for our dog-sitter, did the dishes, made rice krispy treats, packed, took care of some mail, and now I'm off to a thrift store to buy an outfit for the dance party Saturday night. The theme is "old people." I'll be sure to post pictures. :)

Just as I was rejoicing about unpacking my last suitcase and never having to live out of one again, (for a while, at least) I begrudgingly pulled out a duffel bag and packed for this weekend. Paul and I are going on a retreat to the Dunes Bible Camp in Long Beach, WA for a high school retreat. I am definitely looking forward to connecting more in depth with some of the girls in my small group. I am not looking forward to sleeping alone (if you know what I mean) and wearing wrinkly clothes out of my duffel.

Some snippets of what is to come in the next blog entries:
  • Throwing up in my wedding dress
  • Honeymoon to St. Martin
  • ...and how I'm bonding with Morgan, our dog, despite the taco, chapstick and chocolate chip cookie that she's eaten.


ryan said...

oooooooo... throwing up in your wedding dress... i'm looking forward to hearing that one. glad to hear things are going well.

Violet Read said...

ohh... el! I heard you weren't doing so hot that day. :( but I'm looking forward to the upcoming blog entries and photos! :D love you!