Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cupcakes at Midnight

I bought special birthday cupcake liners and failed to remember that I don't own a cupcake tin, except for a teeny tiny muffin tin that is much too small for the said cupcake liners... and so I made teeny tiny cupcakes without cupcake liners.

I, determined to use the fun cupcake liners in some fashion or another, naively filled a square baking dish with the liners and poured in the batter.

Not a good idea!

I opened the oven to find that the wannabe cupcake batter had oozed together, creating one giant cupcake top with 12 cupcake bottoms. I had to peel them apart which resulted in cupcake puzzle pieces, cupcake triangles, and cupcake pentagons.

The last batch just came out of the oven and I'm a little bit embarrassed to share them at our small group tomorrow night.

The moral of tonight's story: don't bake at midnight.

Cupcakes with Character


Anthony said...

I've no doubt that they will taste amazing, even if they are in funny geometric shapes.

Anonymous said...

hehehehe......... I think it's funny and you should definitely share them!

Jen Rider said...

Thanks for the birthday cupcakes. fantastic as usual.

Chrislyn said...

funfetti triangles! yumm :)