Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Party Planning

I've come to the revelation that I can't do things the 'normal' way. I have this insane notion that it must be creative; it must be better; it must be different.

I like to call myself a recovering perfectionist. Emphasis on recovering.

We had our RA Christmas Party this evening.
It would have been just fine to order a pizza and watch a movie.

Instead, I busted my bootie all day long to finish tonight's party preparations. I found out each RA's favorite Christmas song and burned them a cd. I wrote on each cd. I decorated the CD cover and typed out each track. I handmade Christmas cards with individual messages, taped it to the cd, and tied ribbon around each one.

I adopted a family from the Salvation Army so our staff could sponsor them. I made preparations for gift purchases and deliveries.

And I made dinner: white-bean-chicken-chili... from scratch. And now I have dishpan hands from hand-washing a mountain of dishes, and my fingers still smell like garlic.
And I coordinated a white elephant gift exchange.
And I reserved the school van so we could buy gifts for our adopted family as part of our party.

Our party started at 6:30 and I was ready to call the whole thing off at 5pm. The planning was fine, but I didn't want to go through with it because I was already so exhausted.

I finally kicked my feet up at 10:30pm. My living room is clean, the dishes are drying, the garbage is out, and my apartment smells like chili.

It was fun and I'm glad it's over.

Pizza and a movie would have been fun, too. :)

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