Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The heart of Noonday: Adoption

Adoption is expensive.

I have friends who are constantly fundraising to meet rigid deadlines.  I can image it is a daunting endeavor and not for the weak at heart.  The price tag along is enough to send some people running the opposite direction.

Adoption can cost anywhere from $10,000 - $30,000, and yes, domestic adoptions can be expensive, too.  Some families opt to invest in the health of the uninsured mom, so they cover her medical fees. Then, there are agency fees and dossier fees and referral fees and country fees and fees for things I don't even understand.

Families spend their paychecks to provide homes for children who they aren't even biologically related to, all in the name of LOVE.  

Adoption requires sacrifice.  After all, aren't we, as believers, also adopted by way of a loving God who allowed his Son to die so we could live?

Since November is National Adoption Month, I wanted to share how you can help Noonday Collection alleviate the financial burden for adoptive families.  Jessica Honneger, Noonday's founder, started Noonday as a means to bring her adopted son home from Rwanda.

Not only do your friends get to shop for super cute accessories, a portion of EVERY purchase goes toward adoptive families who are making a special home for an abandoned or unplanned child!

[ shop at www.elizabethbricknell.noondaycollection.com and select "Elizabeth Bricknell" as your Ambassador on the checkout page.  By shopping through my site, you're even helping me raise money to visit our artisans next summer! ]

As a hostess of a Noonday trunk show, you can donate your hostess rewards to benefit a family in the midst of their fundraising process.  Noonday will write a check for 10% of sales to help cover costs and the hostess gets the opportunity to shop at 50% off!

Do you know someone who is adopting who would benefit from some additional funds?  I'd love to partner with you to bring their child home.  All you have to do is open up your home and invite your friends to shop.  I'll do the rest (or find your local Ambassador to do the rest)!  There are nearly 400 ambassadors all over the country who would love to help.  Email me and I'll connect you: bricknell.elizabeth@gmail.com

Are you an adoptive mama?  You can host a trunk show, too!  
Plus, I've partnered with my friend Heather and she's graciously giving away my favorite Noonday necklace & a beautiful t-shirt to celebrate YOU!

If you are an adoptive mom or know someone else who is, "like" Heather's "Love is Waiting" Facebook Page and comment on the image to win the La Jolla Necklace (providing living wages for the poor in Ecuador) AND this Love is Waiting t-shirt!  (Retail value: $102)

Heather's shop, Love is Waiting, raises funds for adoptive families through t-shirt sales.  Aren't her designs lovely?!

Heather & other adoptive parents: I greatly respect and admire you.  You have much to teach me about taking care of people who are not "blood."  Thank you for the example you set; may I have the courage to follow your lead in my own journey.

Now what are you waiting for?!  Go enter the GIVEAWAY!

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