Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Run, Forest, Run!

Never before have I considered myself a runner.

Chrislyn and Kayla both ran a half-marathon last Spring.  Never have I even considered the idea of running by choice on a regular basis.  Actually, I've quickly considered the idea and then just as quickly dismissed it because I tried running and hated it.  The first time I went, I tried to keep up with Paul and my asthma kicked in.  The second time, I had to stop by the public restroom, if you know what I mean.  The third time my ankles hurt, and there was no forth, fifth or sixth time.  I quit.

And then an opportunity presented itself to join Chrislyn in the St. Louis Go! Half Marathon in April 2011.  I signed up even before I started running again just to make myself to commit to it.

And thus, the training has begun.  Right now I"m not on a training regime, I'm just jogging to get in shape so that by the time January rolls around, I should be putting in 15 miles a week and ready for a training schedule.

I still think it's crazy that I'm actually spending money to run 13.1 miles, $80 to be exact.  Not only does it cost money, but it takes a while to get suited up.
  1. Convince myself to put my workout clothes and shoes on.
  2. Put on workout pants ($19), dri-fit socks ($6), tank top and nike dri-fit top (for some reason I already had a workout tank and the Nike top I got from Goodwill before I went to Bolivia), headband to keep my ears warm ($5), and new shoes that are supposed to help my ankles ($95).
  3. Convince myself to actually leave the house...
  4. Determine route and set playlist and stopwatch on iPod
I have been surprisingly disciplined with running so far and am hoping I can keep it up until the race on April 10th.  I started running November 15th and have put in 21 runs so far.
  • Total distance run: 59.25 miles
  • Total calories burned: 6,878
  • Longest distance run without stopping: 4 miles
  • Fastest time: 2.6 miles with a 9:30 pace
Am I fast?  No.
Am I determined?  Yes.


Audrey said...

Thata girl!

Amy Wolff said...

Woot woot! I just signed up for my first 15k in March. Contemplating the PDX full marathon. You're an inspiration!