Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Violence in Bolivia

A good friend commented today on how good it was to be asked about Africa, the continent she visited a year and a half ago that changed her life. She said how refreshing it was to be asked about Africa - something that is so near and dear to her heart that she doesn't get to talk about very much for the simple reason that no one asks.

Well, friend, I know what you mean.

Bolivia. I was there 15 months & 1 day ago.
4 months that rocked my world.

I just spent the last half hour reading some blog entries of my friends who are still missionaries in El Alto. Cara (my Servant Team coordinator) just emailed me about current unrest in Bolivia.

My heart continues to ache for the people of B-Land.
They are land-locked and poverty stricken. And now this:

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