Thursday, March 26, 2009

All Nighter

It is 6:35am and no, I'm not getting UP, I'm going to bed. Finally.
I haven't stayed up all night since college, and I have vowed (many times) never to do it again.

I was called at 1AM to accompany a student to the hospital, and I've been there ever since. Thankfully, she checked out ok, but I made the executive decision to take her, and although my body isn't too happy with me right now, I'm glad we went to the ER. I've been concerned about her health for quite some time and what I witnessed this evening left no room for negotiating! I'm pretty sure I even said "I'm making the executive decision. Let's go."

In a way, it feels strangely normal to be the decision-maker for such serious situations. I think it's because I'm in my groove, in my element, I've found my niche, I've upped my game... whatever you want to call it. There is a sense of "I know what I'm doing" and it feels great. :)

I sure haven't blogged lately. Sure, I think about blogging. Quite often, actually. I definitely have lots of everyday stories to share and heartaches to bear.

I'm blaming my blogging hiatus on the big questions I'm asking and the grand answers I'm seeking. Perhaps I'm still in the 'verbal processing and thinking stage', so blog posts haven't quite been formulated from my thoughts, yet.

Maybe I'll bust out a string of posts sometime soon.
Stay tuned!

Oh, and this was officially my last all-nighter... until next time!

Good night... or good morning... I'm finally going to bed!

Monday, March 9, 2009

NCU Butterfly Kisses

On Friday night, Residence Life sponsored the Hall Music Video Awards Night. For the past month or so, each residence hall has been filming and editing a music video for this awards screening. Residents could choose any song they wanted to and come up with their own music video.

They got extra points for involoving staff, faculty, and commuter students. They also got bonus points if their hall relic (gnome, framed 1970s picture of Jesus, a road sign, etc.) made an appearance, or if they stole a different hall's relic and incorporated it into their video.

It was a "Grammy's" style theme, so everyone came dressed to impress. I was the host and we had 8 judges.

This was the winning video, put together by the second floor of the apartments. Beware - if the song "Butterfly Kisses" has sentimental value to you, this video might taint this song from here on out.

These are the incredibly talented, hilarious students I get to see everyday!

Did you find me in the wedding scene?