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It's Monday, August 11th, 10:44pm.
I've been a mommy for exactly 12 days and 6 hours.

On Wednesday, July 30, my husband and I joined the ranks as parents as we welcomed Ada May (6 lbs, 14 oz) and Libby Joy (6 lbs) into this world.  Two beautiful baby girls, who, despite keeping me awake for approximately 18-20 hours a day, have breathed new life and energy and purpose into my being.  I am a new woman with a greater capacity to love, to nurture, and to advocate than ever before, even though I'm foggy-brained and exhausted.  I have two little bodies completely dependent on me to provide them with their every need, which God designed for me to do.

Over the course of three years, God prepared us to be parents and, after many late night cry sessions where I reminded God about my desire to be a mother over and over again, He answered our prayers two-fold...TWINS!  Read more about our infertility journey here.  Obviously, a lot has happened (babies) since my last entry and I have some major catching up to do, but maybe my journey will encourage you or someone you know.

So, how does Noonday Collection fit in with this?

Many people have asked if I will continue as a Noonday Ambassador now that I have my hands (and heart) extra full.  The answer is an emphatic YES!  I realize my time will look very different and I'm trying to figure out what that will look like for my family as I pick up trunk shows again and send my youth pastor-husband through Seminary.  It will take sacrifice... of sleep, of evenings, of time with my girls and my husband.  At the same time, I believe that pursuing my passion and fulfilling the mission of Isaiah 61 will make me a better mom and a better wife.  When I am in my element, serving Jesus and doing what he commands, I am full of life.  It's one of those paradigms where pouring out actually fills me up.

I have a globe prominently displayed in the girls' room.  My hope is that they will gain an appreciation and love for the world before I did as a young adult.  From early on, I want my girls to be hungry for world change.  I want them to thirst after righteousness and generosity and mercy.  I want them to crave justice more than they crave the Frozen soundtrack.  

(Speaking of Frozen... my photographer friend Karina set up this shot with my girls.)

It's late, and it's almost time for the babes to eat again. (I'm told this too, shall pass, and I will leave the house again and I will stop walking/sitting around half-naked all day, and I will resume jewelry wearing.  Some day.)

So, I leave you with my prayer for my new chapter of life.  It's actually part of a blog written by my friend Jessica, Noonday's founder, in which she wrote about taking her 6-year old to Africa.  Her words echo my heart, so I leave you with her wish for her daughter and I'm praying it over mine.
When Amelie, my 6 year old, is 22, I want her to tell me that her life isn’t all about her. I want her to risk everything, to lay down her life, in order to co labor with Christ to make His love known among the poor, the oppressed, the disenfranchised. I am taking her with me to Africa so she can SEE the face of poverty; the face of strength and beauty. I want her to see that Africa is not just a land of moms and dads so poor that Americans have to send lots of money to “sponsor” their kids. It is a place where God’s image bearers dwell. Talented people, who with a market place for their goods, can create beautiful things and overcome insurmountable odds. She will meet the ladies behind the accessories that have filled our house and now office for 2 years and know why mommy is working so hard. She will see the 50 crib room that Jack [Jessica's adopted son] called home, and will meet many other kids without moms and dads. I want her heart to be ruined and wrecked for the God who ruined himself for her.
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My fellow world-changers aka Noonday lovers, I want to know......

1) Are you a mother?  If so, how are you/will you encourage your child to be world-changers?  (I need some ideas!)  What is your prayer/desire for your children?


2) Who has inspired YOU to change the world?

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