Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Prostitutes sew lips together in Bolivia protest"

This isn't a happy post...

My heart is heavy this morning as I read and reread the news articles that were forwarded to me yesterday.
"Prostitutes sew lips together in Bolivia protest"
"Prostitutes strike in Bolivia"

These are my friends that I sat with at the lunch table.
I gave her hot chocolate.
I sobbed after I saw her in the brothels because I was so distraught because of the torture and violation she experiences night after night.

In an effort to regulate the distance between brothels from school grounds and other public places, mobs and riots broke out. Brothels were burnt down and prostitutes and transvestites were stripped down, brutally beaten. As though their bodies aren't violated enough as it is, the humiliation and mutilation continues.

The government has since closed down all the brothels located too close to public places but has taken no action to prosecute the angry mobsters who stripped these women of their belongings, their only source of income, and their identity.

Now the women are striking. Some have literally sewed their lips together as part of a hunger strike; they won't eat until they can work. They choose to fast and their families are starving because mom is out of a job...

35 thousand are refusing their routine health inspections. These checkups are required every 20 days in order for them to keep working - they must pass health exams to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. Without these inspections, the infections are undoubtedly spreading.

Oh, I ache. I'm frustrated with the inhumanity of it all. Where is the justice?! Haven't these women experienced enough?!

Please read more:,8599,1675348,00.html?imw=Y
(The slideshow on the left features photos of women that I know. I know their names and their stories.)

They continue to suffer, to fight, to live. They continue to work, to please, to feed.
They need our prayers.

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